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Southeast Asia in One Perspective

What title do you want to give our text? This question was asked to the participants at the Workshop on Curriculum Development of Southeast Asian Historical Studies held at the Meeting Room of SEAMEO CHAT on 26-27 March ,2004.

CHAT has been working on the Project for three years during which a model Southeast Asian history curriculum for Southeast Asian secondary schools has been successfully developed and completed. The model curriculum aims at the provision of a regional perspective on Southeast Asian history in order to promote Southeast Asian identity , regional understanding and cooperation ,and peaceful coexistence of all nations.

Based on the curriculum, the regional history text was developed which was written by the three prominent historians; Dr MR Rujaya Abhakorn , U Tun Aung Chain and Dr Djoko Suryo.

Curriculum planners from the region met again at the workshop and one of the points of discussion was an appropriate title for the text . Various titles were suggested by the participants and the one that was finally agreed upon was‘ Southeast Asia in One Perspective’. Participants said that the text would be a very useful resource for the secondary school teachers teaching Southeast Asian history

“Can CHAT send us a draft copy of the text before its actual publication?’ asked the participants. As requested SEAMEO CHAT is sending draft copies to the participants.

The Workshop on its second day discussed the teaching aid developed at the Centre by the Centre Director U Tun Aung Chain. It is a book which can be used as a teaching aid when teaching the text to the students. Daw Saw Khin Gyi, Deputy Director of SEAMEO CHAT in her closing message of the workshop mentioned that the text which was the hard-earned result of the participants’ efforts, would serve as a window to the history of the region.

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