Lectures and Talk given at SEAMEO CHAT in 2005-2006

The Lecture on “ Coastal Trade between Yangon, Penang and Singapore ” was given at the Centre by Daw Win, former Researcher of the Universities Historical Research Centre, on 23 rd November, 2005.

U Tun Aung Chain, Director of the Centre gave a talk on “ Myaungmya Coins ” on 6 th April, 2006.


Another lecture given at the Centre was on “ Unearthed Story of Myanmar History: Preserve Palm-leaves in Digital Format ” by U Thaw Kaung on 24 th March, 2006.

Lecture on : The Legacy of Myanmar Glazed Ceramics

The lecture on “ The Legacy of Myanmar Glazed Ceramics was given by Dr. Myo Thant Tyn, Chairman, the Myanmar Ceramic Society and Executive Member, the Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science, on 11 May, 2007 at SEAMEO CHAT.

The lecture began with the history and possible origin of glazed ceramics in Myanmar . From the historic identification by comparison of Shan, Pyu and Mon, a hypothesis can be proposed that in Myanmar , Pyu who migrated to Myanmar in 5 th Century, are the earliest contributors of glazed ceramics technology.

The first ancient cross draft kiln-sites discovered in Myanmar in 1987 were those in Lagumbyee, between Yangon and Bago. Later, some more kiln sites have been discovered in Myaungmya, Twante, Pathein, and Honar in Shan State .

The lecture was attended by members of Myanmar Historical Commission, Ph.D Candidates, and interested persons.

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