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Seminar on Myanmar Traditions in Retrospect

The Seminar on Myanmar Traditions in Retrospect was conducted at the SEAMEO Regional Centre for History and Tradition on 18-20 December, 2013. The seminar at which Professor U Tun Aung Chain, former Director of the Centre, gave a keynote address, was attended by 143academic staff from the departments of History, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Myanmar, Archaeology, law, Anthropology, Psychology, International Relations, Geography, English, and Library Science in universities in Yangon area.
- The titles of the 15 paper presented at the Seminar are:
- Myanmar Traditional Perceptions Based on Buddhism
- The Social Implication of the Concept of Mangala in Myanmar
- The Study on Moral Tradtiions in Myanmar Society with Special Emphasis on    Codes of Conduct
- Moral Traditions Concerning the Socio-Cultural Aspect of Bagan Period
- The Dressing of Akha Ethnic Minority living in the Eastern Shan State
- The Tradition of Christening Ceremony of the Kayah National Race
- Moral Tradition in Myanmar
- Kayin Traditional Calendar
- The Myth of areca nut, betal leaf and limestone: A structural Analysis on    Myanmar Traditional Culture
- Impact of Globalization on Myanmar Traditional Culture
- Myanmar Traditional Diplomacy and Practice
- Different Burial Practices of Myanmar ( from Prehistoric to Early Historic Period)
- Traditional Belief in Iron Metal in Pyu Period
- Bell in Myanmar society, and
- Courtship Practice of Bamar National and Marriage

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